Artificial intelligence powered chatbot and communication platform.

Jelibot develops AI-based chatbots to help you deliver superior customer service experience and generate more sales.

Industry solutions

We provide the best chatbot experience. You can examine the following sectors.

Travel Industry

Take reservations and answer questions with a virtual voice assistant that mimics your best staff and never misses a call.

Insurance Industry

Automate insurance ons processes using JeliAI’s voice self-service and delight your customers with great customer service every time.

Neo Banking

Lighten the load on your support staff by automating the most common types of calls in banking. For digital banking applications.

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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is contextual mining of text which identifies and extracts subjective information in source material, and helping a business to understand the social sentiment of their brand, product or service while monitoring online conversations.


Topic Modelling

In machine learning and natural language processing, a topic model is a type of statistical model for discovering the abstract topics that occur in a collection of documents. Topic modeling is a frequently used text-mining tool for discovery of hidden semantic structures in a text body.


Text Generation

Text generation is a subfield of natural language processing. It leverages knowledge in computational linguistics and artificial intelligence to automatically generate natural language texts, which can satisfy certain communicative requirements.


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What you wonder about

You can send us your questions about virtual chatbots from our contact page.

01. What is Account Management ?

Account management is the practice of providing customers with a product or service, support, and opportunities for improvement.Outdated manual processes only create more work and lead to the possibility of error. Jelibot voice assistant automates and supports customer account services processes. Jelibot communicates with you as if there is a human in front of you. You can reach him on 7/24 and you will reduce your time loss to zero. Jelibot provides you with high customer satisfaction with a large data field. It examines the details of our customers’ accounts, offers appropriate solutions, and responds to customer requests that require problem solving and empathy.

02. What is Conversational Reservation?

The word ‘booking’, which means reservation, reservation; It is the most frequently encountered term in the fields of hotel management and transportation. It means to book a room or to book a place in a hotel. Although this is more common for hotels and accommodation, it is also used in the sense of making reservations for aviation or road and rail transportation such as buses, trains, in the form of reservation for flight.

03. What is Automated FAQs?

The frequently asked questions (FAQ) list is often used in articles, websites, emails, and online forums, for example, through posts or queries by new users regarding common knowledge gaps. The purpose of the FAQ is usually to provide information about frequently asked questions or concerns and suggest solutions.

04. We Speak to Our Customers In The Language They Want

Many customer service automation has insufficient language support facilities. Jelibot voice assistant can communicate naturally with you in more than 52 different languages, without being affected by accents and slang, in a way that makes you feel like there is a human being in front of you. Jelibot offers you the necessary solutions to all your problems with the language you choose. Our voice assistant provides the same service quality to all our customers regardless of language.

05. What Is Order Management?

Conversational AI makes AI-powered virtual assistants available to handle conversations that usually go to human agents. Businesses get to scale up the same level of personalized interactions over text or chat across multiple platforms.

06. What Is Conversational Data And Insights?

Jelibot keeps its relations strong by providing up-to-date and real information to its customers. It constantly updates itself for sudden changes and provides instant feedback for changes. It analyzes its communication with customers and optimizes solutions for the best quality of service, taking into account the speech data.