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Jelibot develops AI-based chatbots to help you deliver superior customer service experience and generate more sales.

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Jeli is a smart chatbot for travel industry, insurance industry and other industries. Easily deploy across multiple platforms. You can also use chat applications by typing and speaking messages.


Conversational artificial intelligence

A sub-branch of artificial intelligence that enables a dialogue to be maintained between human and machine (software) by using artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning is called conversational artificial intelligence.


Meaningful text production

Text production studies are systems in which new information inferences are made by analyzing existing sentences, and meaningful information related to it is obtained from an existing information. These systems provide users with convenience such as being able to return more meaningful results about the search results by deriving the sentences entered especially in searches made over the internet.


Voice recognition

Translating the voice intention received from the customers into text, analyzing, determining the intention and creating reports, and ensuring that the customer reaches the product easily according to these intentions.


Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is a method of determining whether a piece of writing is positive, negative, or neutral. It is also known as opinion mining, which examines a speaker's opinion or attitude. The common use for this technology is to explore how people feel about a particular topic.


Topic Modeling

Topic modeling is a type of statistical model that explores abstract topics within collected documents in machine learning and natural language processing. Topic modeling is, in a sense, a text mining that investigates the semantic links hidden within the texts.

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The console provides useful data to help you improve your customer service. View the latest information about your guests' interactions with your chatbot and staff.

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Partner Reviews

– Okan U

Tamamliyo Co Founder

“Together with Jelibot, we are developing chatbots specific to the insurance industry. Jelibot's flexible infrastructure allows our users to experience a different insurance purchasing process.”

– Mehmet T

Nakilnat Founder

“We provide a great customer experience with the jelibot infrastructure of customer support processes, which are indispensable for transportation operations.”

– Tahir M

Eti Gıda

“By using jelibot in both our internal and external processes, we make campaigns, increase our sales and therefore increase our customer satisfaction.”

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